Welcome to my little bebby, A Better Kind! Here on ABK, I promote cruelty-free and vegan products, and the leading of a lifestyle the hums to that same tune. You can find out more in the About section. But cerealsy, go read that boring stuff another times. For now, just go have stacks of fun exploring!
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MAKE THE SWITCH: Natural Deodorants

It is a conversation topic I have yapped about with a couple of close friends, and it always has ended with slight concern upon their faces.

Deodorants/antiperspirants and what exact harm are they doing up in there?

Are those 48-hour protection powerhouses actually evil under their awesome b.o bashing facade, or are we worried about nada?

Let’s discuss.

a better kind
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February Favourites

Holy S’March – it’s time for my February Favourites!

A little later than planned but here is my epic 20 min long cruelty-free Feb Faves vid.